Do you know of a deserving, college bound 8 year old? The beautiful thing about this question is, 8 year olds are all clever, inquisitive and inspired by the adults around them. This is the perfect time in a persons life to start actively involving them in preparing themselves for college!

The Forever FUND is a different kind of scholarship fund. Using an open enrollment format, will award dozens of 8 year olds with a college fund, starting with a balance of at least $500 to $700. Our goal is to get more children on a college track, earlier in their academic careers.

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By starting early, this uniquely administered scholarship fund will provide the following throughout the ten years of the child’s account

The Forever FUND is administered by TIAA Cref- ScholarShare Program and Citi Bank. After reviewing your application, the proper the financial institution will be determined, based on state of residency.

  • ten years of compounded interest
  • monthly balances sent to the arents
  • quarterly, age appropriate, news letters sent to the child
  • special invitations to participate in local events
  • college tours (at least 2 are required)
  • access to an online support community
  • 11th grade mentorship
  • yearly analysis for additional viable scholarships