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Lane CollegeMr Cornelious McClure

Lane College is a four-year, private, coeducational liberal arts college affiliated with the Christian Methodist Episcopal (CME) Church. Founded in 1882 as the Colored Methodist Episcopal High School, it became Lane Institute in 1883. In 1896, it became Lane College. Lane was chartered in 1884, graduated its first class in 1887, and awarded its first bachelorís degree in 1899. From the beginning, Lane College has striven to be a source of inspiration for the CME Church youth. Laneís mission is to prepare students for the future with the knowledge, skills, attitude, and understanding necessary for leadership and participation in a democratic society. Lane offers programs that provide intellectual experiences that enable students to probe and develop their potential to meet decision-making situations with rational and innovative thinking. Located on approximately 25 acres, the twenty-two-building campus offers easy access to Jacksonís downtown area, business centers, and churches. The newest campus building, the Center for Academic Development, was completed in 1993. The campus is located midway between Memphis and Nashville. Both Memphis and Nashville offer a wealth of social and cultural activities. This traditionally black college is a United Negro College Fund member school.
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